Hi! I’m Judah Goodddard, and I’m a professional steelpannist.

I focus on performance for live concerts, events and establishments.

I’ve been playing steelpan for over a decade, with experience performing at national and regional events.

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I also create and organize steelpan-centred entertainment, and I help clients create musical moments and impactful memories that audiences love.

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Performance portfolio

Talent Reel

If you’d like to get a quick look at my performing style, check out this talent reel that features several examples of events and concerts I’ve been a part of.

Check out the featured videos below if you’d like some more in-depth examples.




I created Best in Steel - Barbados’ first full steelband concert - featuring some of the best steelpan players in the Island.

I take a lot of pride in this concert - I turned an idea into into something for thousands of persons to watch and enjoy.



I’ve spent years playing at live events in Barbados - from We Gathering and Barbados Food and Rum Festival, to Fusions, Pan Pon de Sand and Barbados’ National Honors Ceremony.

Here is me playing with Anthony “Gabby” Carter and the Barbados National Steel Orchestra during our first Pandemonium.

Band Performances


I’m most at home when I’m playing live music with live musicians, for live audiences.

This is a mini concert I did in collaboration with the National Cultural Foundation during the pandemic.

I’m comfortable playing with traditional duos, trios and quartets; playing with live musicians always brings out my best performances.

Solo Performances


I’m also comfortable doing solo performances, and I’m used to playing backing tracks and instrumentals when needed. This is a steelpan cover I put together of Olatunji's engine room.



Although I specialize in small band performances, I’ve also played at traditional steelband events at events like Guyana’s Panorama with Kunjaz steel ensemble, and Barbados’ Pandemonium.

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My Skills and Services

I’m a steelpannist.

I’ve been a steelpannist since 2012, and in that time I’ve worked on many aspects of the musical process.

This includes performing, band leading, organising, teaching, creating concerts, arranging, transcribing, music production and more.

I’m a T shaped individual. I’ve specialised in performance, but I also have a broad base of general musical knowledge as well. This allows me to be flexible and adaptable during my live performances.

I'm not just a solo performer, I'm an organizer for musical steelpan events. I’ve lead tuk bands, steelbands, steelpan classes, a live bands featuring steelpan players and and everything in between. If you need anything steelpan centric, I can make it happen.

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